Global Board

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are those color bars with each board indicate?

A. Red indicates the user is board owner. Yellow indicates the user is following the board. Green indicates user has got post right in that particular board. Grey indicates deleted board or private boards where user’s membership is removed.

Q. What are the different limits I should be aware about and take care of?

A. Please find below a list of current limits. We keep reviewing strategy based on user voice and may increase limits whenever required.

  1. A board can be followed by any number of followers.
  2. A user can own maximum 20 boards.
  3. A user can follow maximum 500 boards.
  4. A board can have maximum 10 post right users.
  5. Maximum allowed size for file attachment is 10 MB.
  6. Maximum allowed size for image post is 5 MB.
  7. Maximum size allowed for text post is 5 KB.
  8. Once a feedback for a post is submitted, user will get another two more chances to change it. After total three tries, feedback for that particular post will be locked.
  9. Posts will be stored on servers for 30 days, will be deleted afterward. So if your account remains offline for continuous 30 days or more, it may miss out post(s).
  10. When a user login on a device for first time, only posts received during last 24 hours will be restored in device.
  11. When a new board is followed, latest 5 posts of that board will be downloaded.

Q. I have created a public board. Further, how can I get people to follow my board?

A. Let people know your board ID using which they can follow your board. Another option is to print your board’s QR code on flyers, ad holding, new paper ad etc. if you are advertising. User can quickly follow your board using QR codes even if they are on the way. You can also use “Promote board to friend” option menu on board profile screen to use your existing social media apps to let your contact know about your board.

Q. How can I follow a board?

A.  There are three options given under “Follow” menu.

  1. Board ID: Use it when you know the ID of the board you want to follow. On screen that comes when this option selected, type in board ID in search box and then hit keypad search button. Once board information is displayed, click “Follow” button to start following.
  2. QR camera: It can be used if you have a QR code in front of you (like on a flyer, ad holding, another phone). Clicking this option will initiate a camera. Focus the camera on QR code. Further, app will identify board if it’s a valid Global Board QR code and will start following it.
  3. QR image: This option can be used if you have an image in your phone that contains Global Board QR code. Selecting this option will ask you to select the image. Further, app will identify board if it’s a valid Global Board QR code and will start following it.

Q. What is difference between board id and board name?

A. Board Id is a unique identifier of your board, used by people to find your board when they want to follow. It can’t be changed once board is created. Board name is more user friendly name, appears when your board is searched. It can be changed even after board is created.

Q. What is difference between public and private board?

A. Public board can be followed by anyone with board id or with board’s QR code. Private board can only be followed by the persons allowed by the owner of the board.

Q. Is any option available to forcefully check if new post is received?

A. Yes, pull-to-refresh on Boards screen in iOS and “Check new posts” option menu in Android.

Q. Why followers can edit board name that they are following?

A. Board name that followers can edit is local to them. That gives followers freedom to remember the board in way they like. Even when board owner change it’s display name, it will not be overwritten in follower’s app. Because otherwise follower may find the board missing. This is same as your contact name is saved differently in contact book of your different friends.

Q. Even if I added member into a private board, he/she is still unable to follow the board. What could be missing?

A. Most probably, the email address you added for member is not same as the email address that particular user is using to login into Global Board app. Ask your member to supply you the email address displayed along with Logout option on Settings screen of his/her app.

Q. Even if I added member into a private board, users are not getting posts in that board. What could be missing?

A. Adding members will not make them following the board. In any case, user will have to follow board in order to start getting posts in that particular board.

Q.  How can I change email address of existing private board member?

The only way to correct member’s email address is to delete older entry and add member again with correct email address.

Q.  Can I retrieve my board once deleted?

A. No, you can not retrieve board once deleted. So be very careful before deleting a board.

Q.  What are board rights?

A. Board rights give board owner and follower different facilities. Board owner when gives post right to board follower, he/she can post into that board but won’t be able to change board profile. Board owner when gives ownership right to board follower, the follower to whom ownership is passed will become board owner and will hold full rights of the board. The owner who gives board ownership will automatically become follower and will not be able to manage board anymore.

Q. I am board owner, have given post right to a follower. Is it possible to take back post right?

A. Yes, that’s possible. Go to board rights screen, choose “Posting right holders” option. On resulting page, select user and then click Decline button.

Q.  Can I retrieve deleted post?

A. No, you can not retrieve deleted post.

Q.  Can I retrieve all my post, if I uninstall and then reinstall Global Board in same phone?

A. No. It will be as if you are starting using app on new device. You will get posts sent/received during last 24 hours.

Q.  Being follower, if I submit feedback, can board owner see what feedback I gave?

A. No. Board owner can just see the summary of feedbacks. Owner can’t see what an individual choose while giving back feedback.