A modular software solution that covers all requirements for conducting MCQ test effectively.

Question Paper Generator

  • Prepare question papers from WORD document containing questions. Maintains original question formatting to print equations/images properly.
  • Produces multiple sets with questions and answers jumbled with flexibility to jumble selectively as per user’s instructions.
  • Supports multiple sections, comprehension and fill in the blank type questions.
  • Supports parallel, linear and sequential answer option layouts.
  • Options to set different marks/negative marks per question/section.

OMR Answer Sheet Designer & Checker

  • Design your own OMR answer sheet. Print using any normal printer.
  • Supports alert mode to give user an opportunity to correct errors on the spot.
  • Any ADF scanner can be used for OMR sheet scanning.
  • High speed 100% accurate reading of tilted, rotated, skewed sheet.

OMR Analyzer

  • Supports different marking schemes per question and utility to change answer before generating report.
  • Various informative reports helpful to give insights at student level, teacher level and principal level.
  • Data export to EXCEL.