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Maximumizing focus on quality healthcare

MaxCare is customizable, centralized and integrated hospital management ERP software that handles different directions of workflows effectively. It makes hospital operations easy and provides a strong decision support system that helps management keeping track of revenue streams, patient records and other critical metrics.

Architectural Overview

  • A unique hybrid, multi user system. Provides best of both – LAN based and WEB based solutions.
  • Almost all operations run on hospital’s local network without intemet. Internet is just needed for sending messages/email.
  • Versatile system that can be operated from windows computer and android phone/tablet.
  • Easy and simple Ul interface for quick operations. Minimal training required for daily operations.
  • No need to purchase additional hardware, extra licenses or server. Hardly any major change required in present infrastructure.
  • Any number of authenticated devices can be connected to the system without additional cost.
  • Connecting and updating software is simple via features like auto discovery and auto update.
  • Right based access to users for effective management and work distribution.
  • Instant access to various information insights makes hospital management really easy.
  • Multiple options for effective communication with patients.
  • Local as well as cloud data backup mechanism available.


Item Management with Rule Based Auto Rate Facility

Outdoor patient Management

Indoor patient Management

Ward/Room Management

Nursing Station

Clinical Laboratory

Medical Store

Services Billing

X-ray, Sonography, physiotherapy etc.

Doctor Consulting Fees Management

Fund Management

Hospital Relief, Gov. Relief,Org. Relief

Outsourced Treatment Billing

Other Income Tracking

Ambulance, Gate pass etc.

In - house Inventory Store


Employee Management and Payroll

Roll Base Access

MIS Reporting


Tv Screen


  • Laboratory Analyzer
  • Biometric attendance devices
  • Bulk SMS
  • Mobile app and website
  • Email
  • Ambulance live tracking