• ClassView is a mobile app to ease up recording student’s data of attendance, examination results and quickly sharing this information with parents using multiple communication medium.
  • Being Mobile based handy record keeping app, it ease up recording of student specific data of attendance, exam results and home work.
    Quick and on the spot recording of data not only make record keeping process paperless but also prevents usual duplication of work and hence saves time and efforts.
  • Data is stored on phone/device and hence it provides instant access of data without having internet anytime anywhere along with easy & quick analysis of student’s attendance and results.
  • It allows sharing of data with multiple communications medium. Message can be easily and instantly sent by Bulk SMS package, SIM card or on Global Board.
  • It is possible to send message to parents of an individual student/all students of a class/all students of the institute depending on requirement.
    Availability of ready “Templates” and possibility to create custom “Template” for messages makes communication very simple, quick and error free for important day to day information as well as for possible delay/emergency offs.
  • It has a facility to import data and export data/reports. It also has the facility to backup and restore data.
  • It can be used on only single device at a time, this controls usage and prevent misuse by unauthorised access.
  • It is easy to install and user-friendly in day to day use.